Lab Final Review


  1. This lab final worth 10% overall of your entire grade, treat it seriously!
  2. No lecture slides, lecture notes or prev. PA code allow.
  3. If you have time conflict with your another class or exam, please reschedule your lab final ahead of time with Andy not me.
  4. Total 3 hours time limits.
  5. Turn your lab final in person before you leave the lab.
  6. Show your WSU ID card before you turn it in.
  7. If you come late, you still have to finish the lab final at same time.
  8. No lab task codes allow.
  9. Return your lab sheet to me before you leave, otherwise you will get 0 on your lab final.


  1. Same way to grade as PAs.
  2. Make a sure your codes able to compile and run.

Please review all lab tasks through the entire semester, an example lab final topic that involve:

  1. Read data(int/string or combine) from a .txt file.
  2. Convert data into different forms.
  3. Reverse data order or sum up data or both.
  4. Some sorting(selection sort/bubble sort) involve.
  5. Write results back into another .txt file.
  6. etc.