Batch File Extractor (BFE)

# Batch File Extractor (BFE)
# Version: 1.03
# Author: Nathan Scott
# Platform: Windows 10
# Python: 3.60+
# 7-Zip: 16.00+
# Updated: 2018-02-26
# Description: extract zip file in batch, this tool needs python and 7-Zip support.

Download BFE_v1.03
Download BFE v1.02
Download BFE v1.01
Download BFE v1.00

How to use?

Step 1
Download and install Python 3.0 or above and 7-Zip 16.00 or above on your Windows system.

Step 2
Download this tool, and extract it on your Windows Desktop.
(does not matter where you put this tool)

Step 3
Download all student works.
(by default you should only get one “.zip” file after you download from

Step 4
Change “inputname” setting inside “” with the “.zip” filename you just download from osble.

Step 5
Paste the 7-zip path into “sevenzip” setting inside “”.
(By default, BFE assume you install 7-Zip under “c:\Program Files\7-zip\” directory, if your installation other than default, please edit on “” to change the default setting)

Step 6
Run with Python IDLE, and BFE will generate a “~UNZIPPED” folder that contains all unzipped student’s latest works under the same path.